The mission of Inspiration Kindled is simple – to create a place to share inspiration with the world!  There are so many things we come across in our daily lives – maybe a news story, a recipe, the kindness of a neighbor, a good book or just a really great idea – that can improve and uplift our daily lives.  Just a sprinkle of inspiration can affect awesome change!  I believe that, and I want you to believe it too.

About the author of Inspiration Kindled

If you’re wondering who’s behind this crazy venture – I’m just another wife, mother, and lover of learning who wanted to branch out and attempt to create something awesome.  I took a break from my career to raise my amazing daughter and decided to spend these blessed days in my spit-up covered pajamas exploring new ideas and my own potential.

I love food (especially bread and chocolate!), reading, writing, and studying things like psychology and religion and what makes the whole world tick.  I love being inspired.  So you’ll probably find a lot of those things here, along with anecdotes (and maybe even some wisdom!) about my life as a new parent.

Join me in spreading inspiration!

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