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Up until a month ago, I was overwhelmed and in a rut. I was trying to develop a new business and simultaneously take my blog to the next level. I had a toddler and a husband who was out-of-work and always home. On top of that, I’m constantly taking on new side-projects — switching our household to natural, homemade cleaners and beauty products, writing a novel, learning computer code and improving my Spanish, to name a few! Suffice to say, every day I had a massive to-do list.

No matter how many productivity tools I tried to employ, I inevitably found myself sitting at my computer with my daughter trying to crawl on my lap and thinking, what next? I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t focus on what needed to be done. Little things and big things alike regularly slipped through the cracks.

As a student of productivity, I’ve read many, many theories and tried countless tools. Planner after planner, list after list, time-blocking and day-assigning and habit-tracking. Then one day, it occurred to me to try something new. I put my system into place fairly quickly and got started.

To my surpise, it actually worked.

Gone were my days of wondering what I should be working on, sleepless nights with my busy mind running through fifteen-or-so critical things that I’d missed out on that day. While I still felt overwhelmed at times, the system I’m about to introduce breaks things down into such manageable chunks that it’s easy to accomplish the majority of my responsibilities every day.

It All Starts With One Little Sheet

the daily checklist

This system is not re-inventing the wheel. It was inspired by techniques like habit-tracking and time blocking, plus Mommy Income’s 15-minute hustle. Instead of only tracking small behaviors, like exercising, the daily checklist system involves breaking down your entire day, including large tasks, into 15-to-20 minute chunks.

Let’s take a look at how this might work. Say, for instance, you want to clean your kitchen today. Cleaning the kitchen is among my least-favorite chores because it typically takes me over an hour and involves so many different tasks. How do I make this easier? Instead of writing “clean kitchen” on my to-do list for the day, I might write “wipe down appliances, cabinets, and countertops”, “clean out fridge”, “clean sink”, and “sweep and mop kitchen floor”.

Not only does this break a large, daunting chore into more manageable tasks, it’s also motivating and convenient. If I get around to cleaning the sink and wiping everything down but don’t have time to tackle the fridge or the floor, I can still check off the tasks that I have done and transfer the rest to the next day. Instead of failing to clean the entire kitchen — again — I’ve made notable progress.

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This system has made a huge difference in my life and what I’m able to accomplish. It’s helped me to finally establish a daily writing habit and stay on top of my business. I hope it will do amazing things for you, too! To get your daily checklist for FREE, sign up below! I’ll deliver the checklist — in two versions, a categorized option and one big list, including tips on how to use it — straight to your inbox!

Once you get the hang of it, I’d love to hear back from you on how the checklist has made a difference in your life, or any suggestions for improvement you have to offer!


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